Mountain State Group changes lives every day. Individuals, families, local communities and national programs have benefited from Mountain States Group’s programs for almost 40 years. How? Through a host of services in areas of rural health, mental health, public health and policy, healthy children and families, refugee services and economic development, and healthy aging.

A dedicated staff of over 130 works with an annual operating budget of nearly $14 million sponsoring over 20 programs.

  • We educate children and families
  • We support healthy living
  • We connect family caregivers with resources
  • We support efforts to maintain the health of our elders
  • We analyze policy impacts to vulnerable populations
  • We coordinate the resettlement and related services to hundreds of refugees in Idaho
  • We counsel entrepreneurs in development and start up of small businesses
  • We support the voice for mental health consumers and families
  • We understand rural health and work with communities and partners to improve health care access and service in rural communities


Join us. Reach us to obtain services. Explore the programs that Mountain States Group supports. Meet the dedicated individuals who are leading the efforts. Reach out and connect with us to volunteer for one of our programs, to partner in service delivery and research, to understand the outcomes of our programs for replication or to explore ways to enhance the lives of people we serve and in the communities we all love to call home.

Mountain States Group’s main office is located in Boise, Idaho.  We have additional offices located in Coeur d’Alene, Kellogg, Nampa, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, and multiple program locations in the Boise area.